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Blockchain & AI

Consulting, Investment & Education

Nakamoto & Turning Labs is a New York City-based research institute focused on consulting services, investment, and education in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI)

Blockchain-based Industry Solutions

Our professional team helps Enterprises and governments learn, understand, and apply blockchain technology in their businesses and daily operations.

Decentralized Finance


Trading Floor

Build and elevate digital asset savings, loans, and payment platforms.

Digital Asset Management

Stocks on a Screen

Make digital assets saving and crypto investments safer and easier 


Supply Chain

Movers Carrying Packages

Innovate with the fully transparent, traceable, non-tampered supply chain system powered by blockchain technology.


Credit-Scoring System

Credit Card

Implement the next-gen smarter and unbiased credit scoring system.

Equity Investment

Beyond cash investment, we provide all workforce a startup company needs for development, growth and real-world adoption.

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Blockchain + AI


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Cash Investment

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Technology + Workforce


Check out our accelerator program that are dedicated to supporting and ushering in a new wave of blockchain & A.I. applications and founders with a focus on compliance, track record, and longevity.

Blockchain & AI Education

Blockchain Classes​
Blockchain + AI
Events and Webinars
Ambassador Program
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