Mastering Blockchain: A Business Insight 

This course is designed for business professionals (e.g., executives, managers, entrepreneurs, etc) who want to have a structured understanding of blockchain technology. The course will showcase various blockchain projects and real-world applications to demonstrate how blockchain technologies can be applied to your business. 

Course Details: 

  1. No prior knowledge of blockchain is required 

  2. Intensive 8-hours Bootcamp broken down into two half-day sessions.

  3. Follow-up Assignment – accompanied by a Q&A session. 

Upon completion, you will: 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of blockchain 

Recognize how blockchain technologies can give your business a competitive advantage 

Learn how blockchain can disrupt your industry and develop the strategic mindset to make blockchain-related business decisions 

Be able to discuss blockchain technologies to both technical and non-technical audiences 



Know how to create a blockchain whitepaper for your business 

Receive a Certificate of Completion signed by a distinguished university professor will be issued to all students who complete the course 

A printed coursebook with all course materials 

Access to our alumni Slack channel for future discussions and Q&A with course instructors 

One-hour blockchain consulting service* 

*This is an offline consulting service with Mastering Blockchain Instructors that can be redeemed within 3 months of completion of the course. 


Part I: Essentials of Blockchain Technology 

What is blockchain and cryptography 

Evolution of Blockchain technology – from Bitcoin to Ethereum 

Key Concepts of Blockchain: concepts of consensus (e.g., PBFT. PoW), mining, double spending, etc. 

Future of Blockchain: DAG-based blockchain system (e.g., IOTA, etc) 


Part II: How to use Blockchain Technologies in Your Business 

Crypto-economy and regulations (ICO, STO, stable coin, IEO and up-to-date regulations) 

Cryptocurrency Use Cases: Facebook Libra, JPM coin. 

Blockchain in Industries: IoT, smart grid, supply chain, and social networking 

Enterprise blockchain (e.g., IBM Hyperledger solution to Walmart, etc) 

Challenges and Opportunities of Blockchain (Anonymity & privacy - Monero, Zcash) 

Personal Business Project (Whitepaper, Business Proposal, etc) 

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