Past events
Recent - APR. 29 -

How can DeFi help identify and single out Trade-Based Financial Crimes´╝č

During this webinar, Mourad Mazouni, will share the practical application of DeFi in combating Trade-Based Financial Crimes (TBFC)

Recent - APR. 22 -

Blockchains have all the qualities to improve the reliability of invoice workflows. The technology allows the exchange of digital assets that cannot be duplicated. It has been mainly created in the context of digital currencies exchange, but what about putting invoices on the blockchain?

Recent - APR. 15 -

Blockchain games have seen strong user growth admit the COVID-19 lockdown. While it's still a narrow market, there are already many highly-anticipated products that gamers have loved.

Will the decentralized gaming market boom in the near future?

Recent - APR. 8 -

Created and led by Ivy League professors and industry experts, this course is geared toward non-IT professionals working in consulting, finance and business, as well as engineering professionals interested in developing and researching blockchain-based products. No prior exposure to blockchain or technical knowledge is required.

Recent - APR. 1 -

Distributed ledgers can empower social networks with the tools to tackle fake news, improve metrics, facilitate data marketplaces, and reduce censorship. But will social network giants adopt it, and how?

Recent - MAR. 18 -

In this upcoming event, we will introduce you to the magic behind the word “DeFi”, the lending protocols, and how Ethereum composability can disrupt the finance industry and bring opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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