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Academic Papers

MAR. 2020

Huihui Wu, Alexei Ashikhmin, Xiaodong Wang, Chong Li, Sichao Yang and Lei Zhang

Distributed Error Correction Coding Scheme for Low Storage Blockchain Systems

MAR. 2020

Bin Dai1, Chong Li, Yingbin Liang, H. Vincent Poor and Shlomo Shamai

Enhancing physical layer security via channel feedback: a survey


JAN. 2020

Bin Dai, Chong Li, Yingbin Liang, Zheng Ma and Shlomo Shamai 

Impact of Action-Dependent State and Channel Feedback on Gaussian Wiretap Channels

ieee transactions on information theory.

MAY. 2019

Chong Li, Yingbin Liang, H. Vincent Poor and Shlomo Shamai

A Coding Scheme for Colored Gaussian Wiretap Channels with Feedback

pp. 131 - 135


OCT. 2018

Mehmet Necip Kurt, Oyetunji Ogundijo, Chong Li and Xiaodong Wang 

Online Cyber-Attack Detection in Smart Grid: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

  • C. Li, L. Zhang, S. Yang, “Methods and Apparatus for Performing Distributed Computing using Blockchain”, No. 16274178, 2019

  • C. Li, L. Zhang and S. Yang. “Methods and Apparatus for Verifying Processing Results and/or Taking Corrective Actions in Response to A Detected Invalid Result”, S.N. 16/370,629, 2019

PEKKA — The First Innovation Towards the Future of Computing

In this article, I will introduce a blockchain-based shared-computing platform — called PEKKA. This is a project that Nakamoto & Turing Labs (“NTLABS”) has been working on for quite a while. 

Will the blockchain boom crash like dot-com?

Every few weeks we are blown away by a mind-blowing pitch for a new blockchain project. Without a doubt, blockchain is experiencing a boom, similar to the one “dot-com” underwent in the last decade of the 20th century. If this is the case, only one question rises to the fore — will blockchain, and the industry built around it, likewise, crash?

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