You are expected to coordinate your event onsite independently.

Our ambassadors are volunteers. You are financially responsible for your event.

You are encouraged to find sponsorship to cover the cost. NTLabs can help you find sponsorship and may also financially support your event.

You are expected to host meetups regularly for your group at least once every quarter. A group will be considered inactive if it does not host events for a quarter.


You are passionate about blockchain/AI

You are currently working in a field related to blockchain/AI or looking to transition into a blockchain/Al career

You have experience with organizing at least one tech community group and one event in the past


Free registration to all NTLabs blockchain/AI courses instructed by professors and industry leaders.

Connections to reputable speakers and hosts.

Additional income through event ticket sales

Event promotion in the NTLabs community through websites, email lists, and social channels.

If you host more than 6 events (online or offline) within 6 months, you will receive special perks from NTLabs: Details TBD


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