Business Consulting & On-Site Training

Our professional team want to help businesses like yours learn, understand and apply blockchain technology to your business. It is guaranteed that you will make a tangible difference to your competitiveness and stand out in your industry.

 Our consulting service will


  • (ideation) dive into your organization to understand your strategic and technical needs on blockchain and then conduct research to determine the greatest opportunities.

  • (feasibility study) determine all possible outcomes of the proposed blockchain solution to your businesses.

  • (proof-of-concept) define and develop a blockchain minimum-viable-product (MVP) to affirm the feasibility of your project and use cases.

  • (solution development) develop a complete solution based on your production needs, and implement it across your organization and to your customers.



Our on-site training program will


  • bring our “mastering blockchain” courses, and instructor-led full-day boot camp, to your organization

  • rapidly equip the business and/or technical professionals in your organization with comprehensive blockchain knowledge and skillset

  • conduct case studies on selected use cases in your professional domain



Sampled projects we’ve been working on:

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